Brand NATANIEL DOBRYANSKAYA was founded in 2011. It has already gained popularity among Russian and foreign fashion-mongers. 

Designer prefers natural materials and unusual color solutions as well as texture of original tissues – these are the distinguishing features of the brand’s collections. Clothing is unique for its ideal cut, soft lines, well-chosen trendy items and original prints. Particular attention is paid to the selection of stylistic solutions of modern femininity, sensuality silhouettes.


Among the clients of a talented designer are very well-known society ladies, actresses and TV presenters, stars of the Russian showbiz and metropolitan it-girls.





Designer says following about her work:

"Fashion design is laborious but I can’t express my labor by the word "work". The process of creation of collections pours into creativity, the ability to express my vision of fashion and feminine beauty. I get great pleasure from both the process of creating clothes, and the final result, which can be seen in countless smiles of our customers. Highly qualified team of professionals is working on collections: technologists, cutters, tailors. Together we create clothes «Made with love».